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SANYO DIGITAL CAMERA           I am very happy to be a member of the Mali Fala Fund’s team
and I am looking forward to working together with Jane, Oumar and the women and children of West Africa.

My meeting with Jane is another case of “law of attraction” – I found the Mali Fala Fund’s website while I was searching on line to find an organization that could guide me to where I can most help people and enable me to continue my work in West Africa.

My first call is Guinea – where I will fulfill my promise to help the women and children in 3 villages by raising funds and digging a well for each village.
The women and young girls spend endless hours walking to collect the water needed for daily chores – cooking, cleaning and laundry.

While in Guinea I will also be traveling with a doctor on his rounds to remote villages to tend the sick. And, on behalf of Eyes on Africa, a non profit organization, [] I will distribute reading glasses to the villagers. The Mali Fala Fund has been helping Eyes on Africa get the many needed reading glasses to rural villages in Mali for several years and now I can do the same for the people of Guinea.

I will remain in Pita, Guinea until the wells are dug. From there I will travel to the capital of Mali, Bamako, and will make my home at the
Centre Pour le Developpement des Femmes. At the centre I will help with the basic training of several sustainable trades and generally manage daily affairs.

I have dedicated 2 years to the centre and will work with Jane, Oumar and the local women to fulfill our goals.
I feel very blessed to have this opportunity to serve in West Africa and realize between us we can help make that difference for the women and children.

Updates of our progress will be added to the Mali Fala Fund Website periodically with text, photographs and video where possible – please check in regularly.

See photos taken in Guinea under the “Photo” link.