Since October 2005 the MALI FALA FUND (MFF) has given aid to :
More photographs available in our “Photo Gallery”

CIMG5325.jpgBANCO VILLAGE, 2009: located 30 Kilometres from Bamako on the River Niger. We
donated a much needed water pump to assist in their vegetable farming.
Mali Fala Fund intends to work further with the village of Banco to help them in a program
to utilize the farming area they have. Our goal is to set up accounts for them to sell their
produce to city restaurants and hotels.

CIMG5464.jpgMAMARI VILLAGE, 2009: A village closer to Bamako.
We donated medical and school supplies along with children’s clothing.
The Mali Fala Fund will continue assisting this village to help maintain their medical facility
and school.

CIMG5369.jpgKODA VILLAGE,2009: The women of Koda are in need of financial assistance to create
a work area in their village to produce soap.
The Mali Fala Fund intends to raise funds to build a structure for this purpose and
provide the necessary equipment.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         EYES ON AFRICA. The Mali Fala Fund also distributes reading glasses on behalf of Eyes on Africa.We,MFF, have given reading glasses to more than 900 older villagers through out rural Mali,Dogon Country and Timbuktu.


CIMG3532.jpgASSOCIATION POUR LA SAUVEGARDE DES ENFANT, 2005 – 2008   ASE MALI is an orphanage in Bamako.
We provided monetary assistance, food, medical and school supplies, clothing,
educational toys and games along with everyday necessities.


CIMG3235.jpgKANGOLA VILLAGE SCHOOL, 2005 – 2008 : Kangola is a rural village 35 kilometres from the capital of Mali, Bamako. On our first visit here it was saddening to see so many youngsters sitting behind their desks, with no paper, pencils, chalk OR teachers. Since then we have donated pens, pencils, paper, chalk, paints and 2,500 exercise books.

CIMG3244.jpgKAMALE VILLAGE, A rural village 30 Kilometres from Bamako. In 2005, we took food staples of rice, sugar, corn and salt.




LEARNING CENTER, 2009.  Money collected from the last fundraiser was used to build a gazebo like structure and to install a vegetable garden at the learning centre. This structure will provide extra work areas for the women and enable them to grow much needed food staples.At the centre we will be able to train around 500 women a year.



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